An unforgettable adventure trip, the realization of a dream, a place where we would like to return to relive “certain” states of mind… for some it is a second home, or perhaps a first.

We are finally here, the white of the snow blends with the blue of the Norwegian Sea, Nordic suggestions of an arctic nature, indescribable panoramas that remain imprinted in the mind,

climb low-altitude glaciers and peaks in an “alpine” context beyond the Arctic Circle!

We will first explore the surroundings of Tromsø, in particular the island of Kvaløya and its beautiful mountains, and then move to the wild Lyngen peninsula to discover its Alps.

We will leave with skis on at 0 above sea level with a vast choice of trips, simple or challenging, which we can choose based on the snow and weather conditions… the spectacle that presents itself to our eyes will always be unique and fascinating , with countless peaks on the horizon and around us, the fjords and the sea below us. And finally, the postcard descent: sea view in the soft, powdery snow, or on the silky spring firn… magical Norway!


  • Where: Tromsø and Lyngen Alps - Norway
  • Difficulty and physical effort: the daily trips vary in length and altitude difference (average daily altitude difference 1000 m). The required level is BS: good ski mountaineer with adequate physical preparation and good mastery of off-piste uphill and downhill techniques. Furthermore, good flexibility and a spirit of adaptation are necessary when sleeping in common rooms and living together with adventure companions.
  • Duration: 8 days (6 ski mountaineering + 2 travel)
  • Period: 14 – 21 April 2024
  • Meeting point: Tromsø Airport

Cost: starting from 2350 euros per person in a group of 4 participants.

Rates decrease as the number of participants increases (maximum 6/8 people)

Number of participants: minimum 2 – maximum 6/8 people

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