Fun in the mountains

Try the experience of walking in the mountains with AlteMete.. Take part in our guided excursions and treks in the Dolomites.

Each outing involves the participation of a group of people: they are walkers who, like you, are a bit of an explorer and always love taking home a new adventure.

However, it is also possible to organize individual excursions or on request.

Our approach also places knowledge at the center of the mountain experience: during the walk there will be moments dedicated to flora, fauna and geology, where your Mid-mountain Guide will reveal some interesting information to you.

The excursions have various levels of difficulty:always choose based on your training. Our advice is to ask us for information to understand which walking route is perfect for you.

In any case, we guarantee that you will experience the pleasure of the effort and the satisfaction of the goal achieved. Are you leaving with us?

Need more info on our activities?

We are here to explain what wonderful adventure you can experience with us. Leave with AlteMete and return home with maximum satisfaction.

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