What activities can you do in winter with AlteMete?

We organize guided ski mountaineering outings, winter hiking excursions, ski guiding and freeride outings, multi-day ski safaris. We accompany individuals or groups climbing ice waterfalls, with dedicated outings or courses.

We offer fascinating and adrenaline-filled activities to entertain you and get to know the mountains in winter. Experience snow-white emotions with us in complete safety. Experience white emotions safely with us.

Ski mountaineering

Climbing the mountains on skis and climbing skins allows you to immerse yourself in nature resting in its winter guise: all around only a muffled silence and white, sparkling peaks. Drawing your own track on the pure snow, climbing the slopes to reach the top and finally skiing: this is the magic of ski mountaineering.

We at AlteMete organize guided ski mountaineering trips and tours, adapting the activity to the level of the participants. Even more so in winter we must respect the rules of the mountains and carefully observe the conditions of the snow cover.

Winter hiking

What’s more beautiful than walking in the snow,immersed in a white and muffled landscape? Our winter hiking excursions take you into a white and uncontaminated nature, where you can listen to your breathing and the delicate crunch of the snow under your boot. The crisp air oxygenates the head and heart and restores every fiber of our being.

With our snow trips you move, but at the same time you relax. A quiet that you can only experience in front of snow-covered landscapes.. Fatigue doesn’t matter anymore, just like when we were children.

Ice waterfalls

Do you want to experience the sensations of a one-of-a-kind climbing experience and climb ice waterfalls with crampons and ice axes? We accompany you on this incredible adventure, whether you already have good experience or are taking your first steps.

You will immerse yourself with us in the unique scenarios created by these natural ice formations.

Ski guiding and freeride

We organize ski guiding days in the ski areas of the Dolomites and multi-day ski safaris, combining (on request) on-piste and off-piste skiing.

Or we offer you the most beautiful and evocative freerides in the Dolomites, to throw yourself free in the soft fresh snow in wild environments off the beaten track, in the most muffled silence.

Do you want to experience the adrenaline of the winter mountains?

Write to us for information on our ski mountaineering and alpine skiing trips, our outings and ice waterfalls courses. Wonderful experiences in fairytale settings await you.

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