A mapped out mountain is a safe mountain

The mountains can change you deeply: just give them a chance! Always thinking about an excursion on the Dolomites, or maybe a more days journey trying trekking. But you don’t know the territory and besides who has time to get organized? Trust yourself in the hands of our competent Mid-mountain Guides and our trustworthy AlteMete Mountain Guides to enjoy your travel experience in complete safety.

Our reliable professionalism along with our 360 degrees knowledge of the mountain environment will allow you to live the best immersive natural experience. Plus, we’ll guarantee a constant respect for Nature and your physical conditions.

Getting to know mountains for the first time?

No worries, we’ll reach the top together

Just breaking in your brand new walking boots? it’s crucial that you rely on someone with expertise, both for groundbreaking new paths or easier and comfortable walks.

The always vigilant eyes of your AlteMete Mid-mountain Guides and Mountain Guides will make you feel at ease and safe, and will allow you to tackle new challenges with pure enthusiasm, discover new territories and bask in the beauty of the landscapes you’ll meet.

Meet your new guides

Hello!! My name is Francesca Zambelli and I passionately love mountains. So much so that I want to share it with people through my everyday work.

I am a Mid-mountain Guide (AMM) and I plan and organize guided excursions on Dolomites and all the mountains territory. I am an IML – International Mountain Leader as well, an highest-skilled outdoor guidean internationally recognized title approved by UIMLA (Union of International Mountain Leader Associations). This allow me to accompany and guide groups of tourists on each and every mountain hiking terrain, both in Italy and abroad.

Together with Manuel Nocker, Mountain Guide, I’ve created the AlteMete project that allows you to know and live the mountain in complete safety and without improvising or doubts!


Already an expert and looking for new challenges?

We’ll make your altitude dreams come to life!

If you love walking and already have a nice, confident pace facing mountain walks, AlteMete will be by your side in reaching higher dreams and push your limits! Our guiding motto is taking you to see new peaks you haven’t already explored, or organizing new trekking journeys of different lengths. Each destination is decided together and each adventure is carefully planned thinking about a single person or a group.. We will guarantee the utmost care and proficiency.

During summer

This is the perfect time to soar high! With our Mountain Guides you will be able to enjoy climbing routes and via ferratas (iron paths) on the greatest mountain walls, both in the Dolomites and more. With our Mid-mountain Guides by your side, you will reach mountain paths and you’ll immerse yourself in the gorgeous, vibrant cultural secrets of the mountain ambience: geology, flora and fauna. During this time of the year we can also suggest interesting plannings of mountain bike and e-bike excursions too!

During winter

We take you on ski mountaneering trips to help you getting to know winter Dolomites better. We’ll accompany you to ski guiding: tackling the ski slopes, to admire the impressive beauty of the snow capped mountains and take in the vastity of the alpine ski areas. impressive beauty of the snow capped mountains and take in the vastity of the alpine ski areas. We organize excursions with the typical “ciaspole”, the fascinating looking snowshoes, suitable to everyone, even to those who do not ski! We organize excursions with the typical “ciaspole”, the fascinating looking snowshoes, suitable to everyone, even to those who do not ski!

Adventure on the Dolomites and in the whole world

Discover new destinations with our guided trekking

Our way of creating an immersive and unforgettable experience for you in the most fantastic Natural sites is through guided paths and ways. We have designed three different kinds of mountain experiences just for you: on Dolomites, with customized trekking; in Norway, with a fantastical trip where you’ll feel like a true explorer, traveling through fjords and white, snowy mountain tops, enjoying ski mountaneering and snowshoes walks; in Sardinia, discovering the Selvaggio Blu, the “Wild Blue”, the most incredible and impressive trekking trail in Italy.

Come and get on the road with us!


Want to plan a team building on the dolomites?

The mountain will help you reach your goals

Do you run a business, are you a teacher or a sports coach? How about planning with <strong>AlteMete</strong> an unforgettable <strong>team building experience in the great Nature with outdoor activities in the Dolomites or in a mountain area of your choice?</strong>
Our skilled guides will accompany and be by the side of your teams in gorgeous natural experiences, to help form great bonds, nurture your team feelings, ideas and resources and help create an atmosphere of confidence and belief in themselves and others!


Need more info?

Get in touch to carefully plan daily or long excursions for you and your family, or for your business workers. We will help you in finding the destination, activity and path that are just right for you.

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