What does a Mid-mountain Guide do?

A professional that trains you in everything you need to know on the mountain

The Mid-mountain Guide (AMM) is a deeply skilled and certified professional that has a profound knowledge of the mountain area. The Guide becomes a trustworthy and a reliable focal point, a companion for those who aspire to become an accomplished and independent hiker and who want to do so step by step.

This type of Guide is safety responsible and their job is to plan with each and every care the trip excursion, in its every aspect and possibility.

A Mid-mountain Guide will communicate to you and teach you the joy of adventure and explain the very basic parts of your learning journey in tackling each walking and hiking path in the very best possible way. This includes teaching you about all the equipment required for your adventure in the mountains. A Mid-mountain Guide will teach you all the secrets about that territory!

Francesca Zambelli

My idea of mountain ethic

My name is Francesca Zambelli and I was born in the Dolomites near Belluno. I’ve always loved this country and I have learnt to live here with passion and to see everything that surrounds me in its pure beauty.

I am a Mid-mountain Guide and AlteMete is a project that allow my professional competence and my personal skills to compenetrate. I want to teach people about mountains and my goal lies in developing a new ethic around the mountain world.

I do not believe in a glossy magazine photoshoot style Mountain, no, my concept of Mountain is made of simple, thoughtful actions and movements, mindfulness, silence, and just concentrating on training your muscles and your breathing.

My excursions become immersive lessons, directly happening in the greatest sites of the Dolomites. I accompany single persons or groups of people, and my goal is helping them to discover and appreciate never seen before landscapes. Each little detail can become an opportunity to tell a story: a blend of traditions, geology and botany.

International Mountain Leader

Being qualified as International Mountain Leader, I am certified and able to organize exploring travels in every part of the world. Thanks to my proficiency skills I can create a working and communication net between other relevant professionals specialized in the tourism sector and accommodations.


Manuel Nocker

Your Mountain Guide

My name is Manuel Nocker and I am an Mountain Guide. The rock is my element, as I am specialized in accompanying you through climbing routes and via ferratas (iron paths), taking you to the glaciers, but also being by your side during ski mountaneering trips or climbing iced waterfalls.

Together with Francesca Zambelli I work for the AlteMete project, and my goal is helping anyone in improving their level of knowledge of the mountain. I mainly work in Val Gardena, where I live, but I can cover all the italian territory, from the Alps to the Appennines region. And more!

Everything begins with trust

What I love about my job are the friendly relationships that grow between me and my clients. The trust that develops during the process is very strong: knowing that my expertise and proficiency will benefit the other person’s safety, well-being and curiosity repays me at every moment of difficulty.

I hope that with me you’ll find the confidence to tackle new challenges. da superare. And also that you will appreciate my need to take in the beauty of Nature during our climbing trips.

What does a mountain guide do?

Mountains present an environment that holds dangers and risks as well. This requires preparation, accuracy, precision and lots of prudence and carefulness. A Mountain Guide is trained to face even the harshest and most severe conditions, being it during a trip that requires equipment, being it summer or winter.

The formation and apprenticeship of a Mountain Guide is extreme and they demand constant updates on several aspects of the job: safety, rescue and assistance, the environment, meteorology. . Athletic and technical preparation are crucial, in order to be able to take people on climbing trips, being it on rock or ice, mountain excursions, ski mountaneering or ski guiding tours.

How can you spot a great guide?

A great, competent Guide is focused on the other person’s needs, not on one’s own:

  • Constantly keeping an eye on you.
  • Showing patience, whatever your experience level should be.
  • Planning every step of the excursion.
  • Observing and studying your character and abilities and adapting to them.
  • Conveying security and never risking danger.
  • Always asking how you are feeling and creating a strong bond of friendship.
  • Helping you coming out of your comfort zone and push your limits.

This is what you must expect from a Mountain Guide and a Mid-mountain Guide.

Altemete, a journey outside and inside yourself

With the AlteMete project, you will enjoy the thrill of reaching the top and your physical and mental well-being. We are a Mid-mountain Guide and a Mountain Guide, and we are trained and formed to guarantee you lots of fun, while taking full care of your safety, all in collaboration with certified professionals.

With our set of skills, we will take you on a journey of high altitude experiences that require a healthy workout, that also let your spirit expand and move. The meaning of our name, AlteMete, is high mountain peaks, but also translates in high goals. Our project name will sing to your soul of rocks and sky, and happiness and fulfillment, inner journeys of the heart and mind such as only mountains will take you on.

Let it be freedom, but rules as well

We must begin by saying that mountains are not everyone’s cup of tea, but we believe that step by step, everyone can learn to love them.

Walking is one of the simplest, most natural movements we make everyday: doing it in the mountains and into the wild requires technique, a deep knowledge of the surrounding environment and good, adequate physical conditions.

As your Guides, we will teach you to develop a sure and steady walking pace, to measure your strength and to get equipped in the best way to tackle paths, normal mountain routes or climbing routes. You will reach the top with greater awareness and satisfaction, following the rules of the Mountain.

Want to live the Mountain experience with us?

Get in touch to carefully plan daily or long excursions for you and your family, or for your business workers. We will help you in finding the destination, activity and path that are just right for you.

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