The mountains teach you how to grow up.

We give elementary, middle and high school students the opportunity to try educational and sporting activities in the Dolomites:hiking or trekking for children, climbing and via ferratas, e-bike trips, orienteering activities. There are many activity choices that we organize for classes throughout the year.

We are thrilled by the idea of getting children and young people moving outside the school walls. We push them to try new experiences that prove useful for their lives. This way they discover leisure opportunities in the mountains and share them with their friends. They also get to know new territories, from a geological, historical, botanical and faunal point of view. They learn while immersed in nature, having fun!

The outings are organized in a tailor-made way, based on the teachers’ requests and the goals they need to achieve. In collaboration with psychologists or coaches, these outings can become outdoor team building activities aimed at younger people.

Tired of the usual school trips?

If you are a teacher and want to give your students a fun educational experience, contact us to get ideas and organize every detail for the next outing.

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