Let's walk to be closer

Our goal with guided excursions for families and children is to teach you to appreciate the wonderful simplicity of a walk in the Dolomites, in the midst of nature, between parents and children.

With our guides, you can take your kids on fun trips to discover mountain animals and plants.. They will be able to walk along paths suitable for their age,overcoming fatigue and, sometimes, forgetting it. They will begin to move in a different environment that requires rules as well!

Or you can experience a wonderful day of fun at the rock climbing gym, to learn the first rudiments of climbing together.

Starting to contemplate and respect the mountain from an early age,experiencing it in all its shades and colors: all this develops great awareness and caution even in the youngest. As a consequence, these precious learning will become, as adults, a priceless gift for the mountains future.

Do you want to treat yourself to a nice day with your family?

Contact us to organize fun experiences for your children and the whole family. Make sure that their love for the mountains grows with them. Let the love of the mountain grow with them.

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